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About Welltech Bistro

What is Welltech Bistro?
Welltech Bistro™ is a division of Welltech Solutions Company, serving the restaurant industry. We provide top-notch nutrition products and services to restaurants that value customer satisfaction, accurate information, and a strong web presence. Our impressive staff of experts are here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Why should I work with Welltech Bistro?
We understand what your customers want. We customize our offerings to your particular target market, from low-cal health gurus to vegan devotees. When your customers are satisfied that you care about them, you know your bottom line will benefit.

How can Welltech Bistro help me comply with the new labeling laws?
We follow the labeling legislation closely, and we can help you both help your customers and avoid fines. We provide customized management tools as well as unique turnkey solutions to ensure that you're giving your clients the information that they want.

Even if my city does not require that I provide nutrition information, why is it a good idea?
Even if you don't have to tell your customers how many calories your food contains, there are many reasons why you should consider it. Research suggests that staying on top of of current trends correlates with a restaurant’s success. According to the NRA, consumers in 2009 crave information on fresh, healthy, and allergy-conscious meals for the whole family. Taking into account these trends when marketing your establishment will spotlight your investment in customer satisfaction and leave your competition in the dust. Also, demonstrating commitment and concern for your patrons’ health will help build a loyal customer base, one trusting of you to consistently provide them with fresh, healthy, and tasty meals.

Let us take care of all of your nutrition needs, so you can focus on fabulous food and service.