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Expert Nutrition Analysis

Welltech Bistro's staff of Registered Dietitians possess over 40 years of collective labeling and regulatory experience. We understand your needs and have a strong sense of responsibility for doing the best job possible. We are committed to accuracy and precision, and quite frankly, we get the job done right. Let us take care of it.

With our recipe analysis, you receive:

  • A detailed analysis of all of the nutrients you find on a Nutrition Facts Label: calories, fat, trans fat, cholesterol, carbs, sugar, fiber, protein, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. Other nutrients are available upon request
  • An electronic image (jpg) of a Nutrition Facts Label of one serving of each recipe/menu item
  • Confidence in knowing that we use the nation's industry-standard database and software for nutrient analysis (ESHA)
  • Confidence in knowing that your recipes are safely stored, and backed up on a separate secure server, never to be shared with anyone
  • The option to present the nutrition information to your customers in a fun, interactive web-based program (Interactive Nutrition Caclulator)
  • The option to store and print the information on demand and customized to your needs (Quick Save & Print)
  • Competetive prices (see our Pricing Page)

Why Welltech Bistro?
We know you have choices. You can even use sofware that allows you to perform analysis yourself. But you may have discovered that nutrition analysis is not just about plugging in numbers: there are specific FDA and USDA regulations that need to be adhered to. There are variations in brands, vendors, suppliers, and food types that make a big difference in the nutritional content of your menu items. And depending on the locality, there are specific (and evolving) laws about posting calories and other nutrients. Then there are health claims, nutrient claims, portion size rules...

If your recipes change (and you know they will), you don't have to worry about sending samples to a lab or starting over. We can make any modifications you want.

Our team of nutrition and culinary experts will give you the confidence in knowing that we're taking the best care of your nutritional needs.