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Signature Software Products

Custom Interactive Nutrition Calculator™
This 100% web-based application allows your customers to discover exactly what nutrition their food choices contain. Customers get to pick and choose from your menu and get a nutrient total for their selections. Food choices are fully customizable and displayed in the Nutrition Facts Label Format. Click here for a demo.

Quick Save & Print Calories and Nutrition™
Need to change your menu and the calorie values? This web-based tool lets you keep your menu information in one place and update it as often as you need, then print as needed. Print just calories or all nutrients. Include your logo, choose your colors, and more. Click here for a demo.

A La Carte Products and Services

Nutrition Analysis
Our experienced Registered Dietitians use top-of-the-line, industry-standard software to provide accurate nutrition data on all of your menu items.

Menu Consulting
If your customers are looking for items lower in calories (or gluten-free, or higher in protein, or lower in cholesterol, etc.), we can help reformulate your recipes or help develop new ones that meet the needs of your customers, while benefitting your bottom line.

Nutrition Information Posters & Flyers, Menus
Your customers want it, and the law may require it. Let us take care of creating full-color laminated wall posters, menu inserts, table tents, and any printed materials you need to attractively and accurately display nutrient information. Want the info on your menus? We design and print those too.

Food Allergy Training
Our ServSafe-Certified Registered Dietitians will help your restaurants keep customers safe and help maintain your good name by providing a comprehensive Food Allergy Training Program to both front- and back-of-the-house employees. Click here to learn more.