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Meet the Staff

Dina Aronson, MS, RD

Dina is a New Jersey-based Registered Dietitian with a Master's degree in nutrition, and has over 13 years of experience in the nutrition technology industry. Author of two books and international speaker on nutrition and technology topics, Dina built Welltech Solutions and Welltech Bistro to bridge the gap between nutrition and technology. Email Dina

Steve Thorn
Chief Software Engineer

With over 20 years of software design experience, Steve brings his palette of programming skills and knowledge to your most challenging website job with enthusiasm. Steve lives in Northeast Ohio with his wife and 2 children. Email Steve

Wendy Hess, RD, CDE
Director, Nutrition Analysis Services

Wendy is a Vermont-based Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator with more than two decades of experience in the dietetic field. Using state-of-the-art nutrition analysis software, Wendy provides cost-efficient, product-enhancing data and FDA compliant Nutrition Facts Labels, as well as nutrtient analysis for chefs, food writers and websites. Email Wendy

Wendy Weiss, MA, RD
Public Relations Specialist

Wendy is a New-Jersey based Registered Dietitian with a Master’s in Health Communications. Marrying the two degrees, her work has included nutrition counseling and consulting in public relations for food, nutrition and health-related business. She has spent the past 10 years executing outreach programs to audiences including consumers, health professionals and targeted influencers. Past work has included Panera Bread, Tropicana Products, Inc., DSM Nutritional Products, Inc., Cargill Meat Solutions, Frito-Lay, Continuing Education Group, California Strawberry Commission and California Innovations. Email Wendy

Veronica Alicea, MBA, RD
Director, Food Allergy and Celiac Services

Ronni Alicea a registered dietitian and national speaker and author concerning food service issues and food allergies and celiac disease. She is owner of Celinal Foods, a NJ-based line of allergen-free foods designed for busy foodservice kitchens. Email Ronni

Emily Sedlis, BA

Emily is a second degree student of Nutrition & Food Science at Hunter College-CUNY. She recieved her first B.A. in English from Connecticut College in 2004. Emily is in pursuit of her RD and plans to begin her dietetic internship in 2010. Email Emily